The Service

Funeral Etiquette

Funerals provide those grieving an opportunity to express their love, respect and appreciation for a life that has been lived. Through the funeral, the bereaved take that first step toward emotional adjustment to their loss.

Wearing colourful clothing is no longer inappropriate for relatives and friends. Persons attending a funeral should be dressed in good taste so as to show dignity and respect for the family and the occasion.

Viewing Of The Deceased

Whether a viewing is to take place or not is entirely up to the discretion of each family. A viewing typically takes place in the funeral home or at the family home. Although the casket can be open during a funeral service - this is not always the case. Sometimes allocated times are given at the funeral home for friends and family to visit.

The Service

The funeral service is held either at a local venue, place of worship or at the funeral home with the deceased present, it varies in ritual according to denomination. The family of the deceased usually gather early to greet attendees as they enter. The type of service conducted is determined by the family of the deceased with the assistance of one of our  funeral directors.

Friends, relatives, church members or business associates may be asked to serve as pallbearers.

When the funeral ceremony and the burial or cremation are both held within the local area, friends and relatives might accompany the family to the cemetery or crematorium. 

Funeral Notice

It is helpful to friends and the community to have a funeral notice published announcing the death and type of service to be held. This is also online at


A member of the family, clergy, celebrant or a close personal friend or a business associate of the deceased, may give a eulogy.

Children At Funerals

At a very early age, children have an awareness and a response to death. Children should be given the option to attend the visitation and the funeral service. The funeral director can advise you on how to assist children at the time of a funeral and can provide you with additional information and literature.

Memorial Donations

A memorial contribution, to a specific cause or charity, can be appreciated and is often in lieu of flowers. A large number of memorial funds are available; however the family may have expressed a preference. Typically a donation box will be available at the service where you and leave these donations. The funeral director processes these and delivers them to the specified charity on behalf of the family.



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