Burials must take place in an approved cemetery unless there are exceptional circumstances and permission is given by the Ministry of Health. Most cemeteries are owned and operated by local authorities and some by trusts or iwi.

Makara Cemetery

Our local cemeteries offer the choice of Upright Headstone or Plaque sections. You may find it useful to visit the cemetery to be sure about which style you would prefer. Some cemeteries will allow you to choose a plot when visiting.

Another matter for consideration is whether other family members may wish to be buried in the same plot in the future.

Some cemeteries will allow three people to be buried in the same plot, so you may wish to decide on single, double or triple depth as part of the funeral arrangements

Whenua Tapu Cemetery
Address: Pukerua Bay, Porirua 5026 (View on Google Maps).

Makara Cemetery

Address: 237 Makara Road, Wellington 6972 (View on Google Maps).

Karori Cemetery

Address: 76 Old Karori Road, Karori (View on Google Maps).



A guide to selecting a plaque - Brochure (PDF)
A guide to selecting a headstone - Brochure (PDF)



CMP 2797

Eco Burial

Makara Cemetery offers the ability to have a natural burial there are special requirements which need to be followed if you wish to have a natural burial.

The central idea is that everything about the cemetery is as natural as possible. In essence, we will not introduce anything to the cemetery that would interfere with or pollute environmental processes.

For example, to help the natural processes, plots are dug only into the active soil layer, the deceased is not embalmed and they are buried in caskets of untreated, sustainable wood. Plots are filled with aerobic, organically active soil, and overplanted with a tree native to the area. The whole cemetery is gradually restored to native bush.

All of the body nutrients and matter will be gradually absorbed by the surrounding soil and plants. It is intended that the cemetery will become a permanent bush park – a living memorial to those buried there, a home for native flora and fauna, and a beautiful place for family and friends to visit.

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