Welcome, we are committed in our desire to provide you with all the information and resources that we have available, so as to give you the knowledge to make informed choices.

It’s important, that we help you achieve a unique and lasting moment, when farewelling a loved one. Listening and responding to the smallest of your requests; with an attitude of “nothing is impossible”, so together we are able to create a lasting memory. A time of remembering that celebrates the closing chapter of a life and reflects the qualities of the person that you have loved and wish to honour.

The Wilson Funeral Home has over 100 years of commitment to providing excellent service to families in Wellington. It is a testimony of that service, which leads to our continued position within the community. Wellington is known for its creativity and sensitivity to the environment, this has led to New Zealand’s first Natural Burial site in Makara Cemetery and other eco initiatives. Having an understanding of the consciousness of our community continues to inspire us to the highest levels of service for the families, which we serve.

We are actively involved in community education and are happy to speak with any group about the work we do. We also offer grief education to resthome staff, hospital staff or any other care providers.

A century of being there when it matters most