Funeral Arrangements – How we can help

Not only are we available on demand for those unexpected times 24 hours of the day, we are also able to assist you with pre-planning and pre-paying, should you be required to assist a family member or friend. These times are often traumatic and unexpected and we have a large amount of resources, i.e. books and brochures to assist you to make the right choices. We’re happy to meet you at the Funeral Home or in your own home to discuss these different options.

Please feel free to call us for assistance or ask about our free book “About Funerals” which we are happy to send out to you.

OR Click here to order online a free copy of "About Funerals".

What happens when someone dies? Contact immediate family and Executor. This will assist you to know when it will be possible to start making arrangements. If the death is at home you will need to notify the Doctor. When the death occurs in a Hospital or care facility, staff will do this for you. The presiding Doctor will need to know if a cremation or burial will take place. You may phone the The Wilson Funeral Home
04 389 6069 at anytime for assistance and to make arrangements.

Before we meet you  It’s important to have some idea of the families preferences, this can be influenced by a person’s belief or historical choices that your family have made.

  • The type of funeral and where and when it would be held?
  • Who would you like to officiate; whether burial or cremation?
  • What special requests do you have?
  • Death registration details; this can be obtained from historical birth, marriage and death certificates.

Funeral expenses

There are a number of factors that influence the cost of a funeral. The overall cost is influenced by the requests made at the time of arranging. Cost savings can be made in a number of areas, i.e. service sheets, flowers, catering etc and should be discussed with the Funeral Director at the time of arranging.
There are three main areas of cost in a funeral arrangement.

  1. Funeral Companies professional service fee: This fee covers the cost of fixed overheads of facilities, vehicles and services provided on 24 hour call.  Also personal attendance to receive instructions, viewings, liaising with medical authorities for cremation or burial certificates, celebrant/minister, florist, caterer, cemetery or crematorium, newspapers, church or other venues, vehicles and transferring the deceased.
  2. Expenses paid on behalf of the family: Burial or cremation fees, death certificates, flowers, newspaper notices, Minister/Celebrant or Organist fees, personalised service sheets, photo shows or videoing, venue hire or any other personal requests.
  3. Casket: We have a large selection available, from the basic customwood (MDF) valued at $875.00 to Solid timber and Steel couches to approx $6000.00.

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WINZ Grant - A funeral grant is available from Work and Income NZ. It is means tested and is a lump sum payment to assist towards funeral expenses. We are able to make an application on your behalf; however the amount provided will not cover the full cost of a funeral.
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ACC Grant - If a death is a result of an accident, an application can be made to ACC for a funeral grant. We are able to help you fill out the necessary documentation.
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Bank Accounts - If an estate is less than $15,000.00 we can help you close bank accounts - with relevant documentation banks will release payments towards the funeral account.


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